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One Towards Something Better



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Marine Pollution is a major issue in the world today.  It occurs when harmful waste including chemicals or invasive organisms enter the ocean. Most sources of marine pollution are land based. The pollution often comes from non point sources such as agriculture runoff and windblown debris. Many toxic chemicals get taken up by plankton or other animals. Most of which are either deposit or filter feeders. In this way, the toxins are concentrated upward  within ocean food chains. Many particles combine chemically in a manner highly depletive of oxygen, causing estuaries  to become anoxic. When pesticides are incorporated into the marine ecosystem, they quickly become absorbed into marine food webs. Once in the food webs, these pesticides can cause mutations, as well as diseases, which can be harmful to humans as well as the entire food web. Toxic metals can also be introduced into marine food webs. These can cause a change in tissue matter, biochemistry, behavior, reproduction, and suppress growth in marine life. Marine toxins can be transferred to land animals, and ultimately appearing on your dinner table, through various meats and dairy products. 


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